Our Services

ECOtas offers a wide range of ecological services. Some of these are listed below.
ECOtas carries full public liability, professional indemnity, workers compensation and vehicle/equipment insurances. ECOtas staff work to strict field safety procedures.

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Flora and fauna surveys

ECOtas offers comprehensive botanical and zoological field assessments with an emphasis on assessing threatened flora and fauna, and classifying and mapping vegetation types. Comprehensive reports outlining the identified values, potential constraints on developments under different policies and legislation, and possible management options will be provided. Our reports comply fully with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environments Guidelines for Natural Values Assessments, and reports can be tailored to meet the reporting requirements of Commonwealth, State and local government approval agencies.

Assessments include proposed forestry coupes, rural and residential subdivisions, agricultural developments (including land clearing, irrigation and dam proposals) and other development projects (including mining, tourism, business and infrastructure).

Forest practices planning and conservation assessments

ECOtas has extensive expertise in the forest practices system and can prepare and certify Forest Practices Plans (through external parties, with whom we work closely). ECOtas can also provide services to government, land managers and landowners in assessing areas for their conservation values (e.g. private land reserve programs).

Ecological research and monitoring

ECOtas offers services for one-off and/or long-term research and monitoring projects, particularly related to threatened flora and fauna. Services include project design, project coordination, data collection and analysis and preparation of reports/manuscripts. [See more]

Product development

ECOtas offers services for product development (such as decision-support systems for management of natural values, databases for ecological monitoring). Services include project coordination, consultation and development.

Scientific and report editing

Editing services, particularly scientific-style editing (e.g. draft manuscripts, theses, project reports, annual reports, grant applications, etc.), are also offered by ECOtas.

Natural values interpretation and education

ECOtas offers services in natural values interpretation (such as brochures, booklets, posters), especially for reserves and tourist sites with a focus on threatened flora and fauna. With close links to specialist wildlife and plant photographers, and access to a large collection of flora and fauna images, various photographic services can also be offered.

Specialised education services (e.g. adult education courses, courses for the forestry, tourism, government or business sectors) are also offered by ECOtas. Customised specialist tours of Tasmania (e.g. endemic birds of Tasmania, amphibians, orchids and other plant groups) can also be provided.

Mark Wapstra and Lorilee Yeates enjoy working closely with primary school teachers in presenting biodiversity related modules and hands-on experiences for primary school children in exploring the natural world.

 ECOknowledge is a collaborative arm of Environmental Consulting Options Tasmania (ECOtas), drawing on the very best of Tasmania’s ecological experts to deliver natural values education and interpretation to NRM groups, local government, schools, volunteer and conservation groups, ecotourism ventures, government agencies and many others. All presenters are well-respected for their enthusiastic and professional approach to imparting their knowledge.

Please download our flyer for more information. [ECOknowledge – flyer]

Plant identification

ECOtas provides a low cost plant identification service aimed at various clients (e.g. landcare groups, community environmental projects, farmers, foresters). With a herbarium of over 2,500 specimens representing more than 2,300 species, combined with up-to-date taxonomic literature, ECOtas specialises in the identification of vascular plants (including native and exotic species).