Lorilee Yeates

Scientific Adviser and Business Administration

Lorilee Yeates has a Bachelor of Science (with First Class Honours) with majors in zoology and microbiology, and a minor in botany.lvy_portrait Her Honours thesis was on the relative roles of macroinvertebrates and microorganisms in the breakdown of willow and eucalypt leaves in freshwater streams (see publication list below). After roles as a microbiologist at the University’s School of Agricultural Science and the State Department of Public Health, Lorilee’s career took a different tack as she entered the field of real estate as a sales consultant with North Shore Realty. With a business partner, she bought this business in 1998 and built it up to be one of the most successful independent non-franchised real estate agencies in southern Tasmania. In between all of this, Lorilee managed to get married and have two beautiful children.

Lorilee also has a Diploma of Business (Real Estate Management), holds a current Real Estate Manager’s licence, is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, is an active member of Rotary Moonah, holds a PADI scuba diving licence, and is a member of the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club, the University of Tasmania Alumni and the Southern Tasmanian Volleyball Association. Lorilee is a well-respected member of the Tasmanian real estate and broader community, with a forward thinking approach to new ideas, hard work, commitment, and a refreshingly positive attitude.

At ECOtas, Lorilee provides scientific advice and support, as well as working behind the scenes in business administration and accounts.

Publication list

Yeates, L.V. (1994). The Role of Invertebrates and Microorganisms in the Breakdown of Willow and Eucalypt Leaves in a Tasmanian Stream. Unpublished Honours thesis, School of Zoology, University of Tasmania.

Yeates, L.V. & Barmuta, L.A. (1999). The effects of willow and eucalypt leaves on feeding preference and growth of some Australian aquatic macroinvertebrates. Australian Journal of Ecology 24(6): 593-598. [pdf – willows & eucalypts]